Got Talent? Strut your stuff at Libertine Ball

Dommes and Daddies

Sign up to present a (two-person) interactive fetish performance (up to 20 minutes) on our dungeon stage to get a celebrity link from then stick around to enjoy the Ball all night long. Just send us your scene and your URL and we will write you into our plans for the night and for the site.

Dancers and other performers

Get complimentary admission for providing “ambient dancing” or shows on our dance boxes for shows “on the floor” throughout the night. Get a link from our site, enjoy the party, and keep your tips.

If you would like to perform on mainstage, email photos/resume information and a 5 minute performance proposal to

Visual Artists

If you create themed art that is appropriate to a post-apocalyptic nightclub, please send us pics as we would love to showcase your art at Libertine Ball and on our website


Zonk is producing the PASSIONAL Fashion show at this year’s Libertine Ball. Email him a pic for more information!


One Response to “Got Talent? Strut your stuff at Libertine Ball”

  1. hello kitty Says:

    Are you guys still looking for models for this year’s Libertine Ball fashion show. What are the requirements?

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