Interactive Play Parlor

Mistress Regina will host an interactive play parlor at the upper bar on the mainfloor of Libertine from 10PM – Midnight.

Do you have a ticket? Are you looking to fill a special place in our post-apocalyptic world? Human pieces of furniture will be needed to support the efforts of the play parlor mistresses. Human footstools, chairs, tables, recliners and other exotic bodies will be put to great use in this specialty play area.

Single submissives (or those who can be loaned by their Dom/me):

If you have a ticket for Libertine Ball and are looking for action, Mistress Regina is signing up strong servile subjects to serve the Ladies of PASSIONAL Toys for the Libertine Ball Post-Apocalyptic Sexploratorium in which the staff (and friends) of PASSIONAL introduce post-apocalyptic partygoers to an array of pervalicious delights from latex suction to electricity to fire.

If you are interested in participating (note that this is not a volunteer position, and that you must be a ticketholder to participate) please email Ms. Regina at Only athletic, strong and obedient submissive objeccts need apply.


4 Responses to “Interactive Play Parlor”

  1. I would love to volunteer …but I need to clear it with my mistress. What would be expected of me?

  2. Do you think that Shampoo will have their air cooling system back on track or will there be a designated area with a pot in which we can all melt in together?

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