Libertine Ball 2010 – Planning a Wet n’ Wild Summer Affair

We haven’t put tickets on sale or posted details yet, but we are exploring a few new venues in an attempt to find the wildest (hint: and the wettest) summertime fantasy soiree imaginable!

In the meantime, break out your rubber, fishnet, lace and latex and start planning, making or shopping for masks because the theme is Latex n’ Lace Masquerade and there are prizes not only for best costume, but also for best mask (judging at midnight).

More soon… and if you have leads regarding nightclub venues with a pool, email us at  and we will explore all possibilities.


5 Responses to “Libertine Ball 2010 – Planning a Wet n’ Wild Summer Affair”

  1. Is there a date yet?

  2. As an administrator, I am always considering risk management. Be sure all the liability issues involving a pool and folks who are drinking have been addressed.

  3. Master MC Says:

    Will there be any VIP tickets available, if so what will that entitle us to?

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