Libertine 2010 Gallery is now LIVE!

PASSIONAL is proud to announce that our album from Libertine 2010 is now up and running!

Click here to see all the SEXY shots!

In the album, you’ll see the amazing images provided to us by the following photographers:

Robert Neroni


Zonk in the Vac Cube from Latex Nemesis, Libertine 2010, by Robert Neroni

Jersey Devil


The vampiric Mistress Astra and her victim on Stage, Libertine 2010, by Jersey Devil

Eros Arts


A little bit of foot worship, captured at Libertine 2010, by Eros Arts

Red Lite Photography


A daring young lady on a flying (silk) trapeze, Liza the Silk Aerialist, Libertine 2010, by Red Lite Photography

Mike Lynch


The beautiful runway models from the PASSIONAL fashion show, Libertine 2010, by Mike Lynch

We hope everyone enjoys looking at the images as much as we all enjoyed the Ball!

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