TODAY is the last day to book in the Libertine Weekend Host Hotel

We have a whole weekend of wickedness planned for you this July 20-22 and it starts on Friday with a mixer and some private rubber time in the host hotel pool (for hotel guests only). But if you do not book your room today, the remaining rooms will be released to the public and the price will go up more than $50 per night! That’s IF there are any rooms left in downtown Philly!

We should warn you that most hotels in downtown Philadelphia are already sold out for the night and that having your own room is a great “landing” spot to get changed into all of the fun outfits for the mixer, the pool, the exhibitionist tour, the Ball and even Sunday’s brunch!

So if you are planning on getting your money’s worth and hitting ALL of the fun events Libertine Ball weekend, you need to BOOK YOUR ROOM NOW!!!

Because after today, Tuesday July 3 the remaining rooms are going be open for a bunch of stodgy conventioneers which is not nearly so fun as a bevy of unconventional deviants!

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