Etiquette/ Play suggestions

CAMERA POLICY: Absolutely no private cameras are allowed at Libertine Ball, including cellphone cameras. Event photographers (with badges) will ask permission of guests (but not performers) before taking any pictures. In order to ensure the privacy of the adults playing at Libertine Ball, there are never exceptions made to this rule. Your equipment will be confiscated!


Find a date. The most sure-fire method for arranging play is to hook up in advance with compatible players. Libertine Ball is a great place to meet people, but if play is your main goal, you will find that it may be much easier to plan and negotiate in advance.

Check out online sites where local fetish folks network like Fetlife,,, etc. or even Tindr or Craig’s List.  Read personal ads, or better yet, place one of your own asking for a date to the Ball, or asking for another couple to hang out with, or whatever it is that you would like. Negotiate the scene you want with a potential play-mate (in advance if possible). Clear communication is essential to the enjoyment of a play scene by all parties. If you have ideas about what you like and what you don’t, make sure to communicate those preferences. It will be easier for this communication to occur before music at the Ball is turned up to full volume (though it will still be possible).

Use the Safeword: Remember to establish a code signal or safeword to end the activity in the event of a physical or psychological emergency. The safeword at Libertine, as well as all fetish events sponsored by PASSIONAL is “safeword.” Also inform your play partner of medical/psychiatric limitations.
Functional Sobriety is required for play: Do not risk your safety by playing with someone who is inebriated or by playing if you are inebriated. Our monitors will have you flagged if you are behaving in a reckless manner. Use respect and responsibility when playing and observing.

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