Strict Dress Code

Libertine Ball is always a COSTUME MANDATORY EVENT… if you don’t arrive in costume or with a costume to change into, you will be stripped to your skivvies or turned away at the gate!
Acceptable attire includes:

Themed costumes (Critter gear: pony gear, puppy gear, kitty gear, tails, ears combined with SEXY spandex,studded jocks, etc.)
thongs n’ pasties or barely there (loincloths, etc)
latex swimwear (there are hot tubs)
fetishwear (latex, leather, vinyl, rubber, pleather, and shiny stuff, bondage spikes, etc.)
drag (full crossdressing with accessories that is NOT business attire)
fishnet, bodystockings, lingerie
saran wrap, fashion tape, plastic glam, cyber rave, all neon
pajamas with slippers, diapers and bonnets
military dress uniforms
formalwear (tuxedo or gown- not suits!)
nurses dresses (no scrubs- though a lab coat and thong might suffice).
Costumes of Libertine

Costumes of Libertine

Unaccesptable attire includes:

denim (including black, unless under leather chaps)
suits (except on FULL facial hair drag kings)
medical scrubs (unless accompanied by character makeup),
racially offensive costumes and symbols (no KKK costumes or swastikas).

A changing area and clothing check will are available at the entrance to the Ball.

Buy your costume from PASSIONAL Boutique and get a free ticket to the Ball (see store for details)

3 Responses to “Strict Dress Code”

  1. It is a pleasure to see a Venue with a strict NO T-SHIRTS and JEANS and SNEAKERS POLICY! This is a FETISH PARTY not your neighbors garage BBQ reminds me of the early 90’s when you had to actually be into the lifestyle and not the fad to attend!

  2. body paints are quite nice when you are out on a pool party or just about any party ~-~

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