Photo Galleries of Libertine Balls Past

The Libertine Ball spell was cast in 1999. We are working on posting photo galleries and flyer art for the past years.  More soon!

Click the banner above to see the 2007 Eros Artist photo gallery from Libertine Ball 2007

2 Responses to “Photo Galleries of Libertine Balls Past”

  1. Eric Amoriello Says:

    Hi I was wondering about the first years of Libertine ball if you had any photos of my work I did on you and your staff or any of the patrones I have had some of my negatives gone bad and did not have them dgitalized

    Eric the Bodypainter I did work the first years with you till 02-or 03

  2. i want to attend this years ball. please keep me posted on everything! 🙂 thanks

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