Kick off Libertine weekend-BabyLove’s Latex Trunk Show Friday

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Exploit this opportunity! The day before Libertine Ball, you can shop from the entire collection of BabyLove’s Latex by Renee Masoomian set up in the front window of PASSIONAL Boutique from 2PM-10PM.
This is an excellent chance to meet the designer, try on fabulous fashions and accessories for the Ball, and to place custom orders in time for Diabolique (on November 20). In fact, if you place a custom order with Renee at PASSIONAL, you will receive 10% off your pre-paid made-to-measure order.
Babylove’s Latex is Renee Masoomian’s affordable, ready to wear line of latex; a collection of reinterpreted classic highlights from the 20th century’s eclectic closet. Versatile enough to add in to your already existing latex collection or an ideal way to start one.
Buy from the Babylove’s collection or place your orders for custom goods this Friday at PASSIONAL Boutique
Photo: Brian Burke Model: Jade Vixen

Dragalicious Vivian at Libertine 2010!!

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Our lineup of celebrity guests is ballooning each day!Worship the fantastic Vivian during the Ball – if you dare

More celebrity guests from the nation’s Capital! Mistress Dolphy, Mistress Tyler, Lady Lynn!

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Joining us for the evening are a trinity of hot Dominatrix talent from the Washington, DC area. Want to play? Click on their photos and contact these Domina’s directly!

DC's delicious Mistress Dolphy will be on hand to keep her devotees in line.

Mistress Tyler will be in full latex-covered Glory at Libertine Ball XII: Latex and Lace Masqueade

Mistress Lynn will be fully armed with tools to tease and torment

Mainstage: Underground Dance Works

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Underground DanceWorks (UDW) is an EclectiFunk based dance company in Philadelphia, PA. currently celebrating its ten year anniversary.

The company, led by artistic director/choreographer Charles Tyson, Jr. and made up of several artistically diverse and savvy performers have been gracing stages all over Philadelphia and the surrounding areas.

In 2003, Charles and UDW were awarded the “Incubator for Talented Youth Award” by the Atlantic City Dance Theatre. In 2006, UDW became a core member of Indigenous Pitch Dance Collective (IPDC) under director Lisa Welsh.

UDW was established to bridge the social, cultural, racial, sexual and gender gaps of our American society.

Artistic Director Charles Tyson, being such a bridge himself, believes, “In order to truly move forward as one people we must learn to acknowledge, respect and embrace all of our differences that make our society such a unique one. Make intelligent commentary without claiming to know the answer. Being quiet doesn’t get the point home. Just because the truth isn’t pretty doesn’t make it any less the truth.”

UDW also exists to discover, nurture and introduce to different viewing eyes, the fresh new talent it discovers. Whether they be performers onstage or technical theater and costume/makeup artists, UDW wishes to give them a chance to use their creativity in a highly creative, nonjudgmental environment!

Through performances and residencies, UDW brings this message to its new and diverse audiences.

On the mainstage: Mistress Astra

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Enjoy a feast of the flesh with Mistress Astra on mainstage at Libertine

Publicly dominant in the Los Angeles and Philadelphia scenes, Mistress Astra has been biting willing victims and dispensing her own brand of BDSM therapy for over 7 years. She is a certified hypnotherapist and has guided the way to internal happiness for her slaves through transformative self-awareness.
An expert in bringing out the beast inside herself, this Vampire Mistress uses those hypnotic eyes to bring even the strongest man to his knees. She plays using her hands, nails, legs, teeth, and body. If you ever hear a low growl in your ear while she’s working on you – You’ve done remarkably well.
At her core, Mistress Astra is a lover of costuming and fetish, both of which have garnered her acclaim. A former fetish model, she has previously been a spokesmodel for Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines video game. She still does fetish shoots on occasion for her own personal enjoyment. Currently, she is forming classes to teach aspiring models pin-up portraiture.

Mistress Shazz

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Mistress Shazz

Wasthington DC’s powerhouse Domina Shazz joins us this year in the Libertine dungeons and dancefloors.

Kiki Berlin performs on mainstage Aug 14!

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Kiki Berlin plays a well-known and respected international courtesan who has finally made her way to her forbidden lover; a Moroccan statesman. Amongst his MANY well-received fetishes, Berlin takes care in observing his latest request: a shrouded erotic dance in the world’s finest black lace; in order to receive the adornments previously requested upon him..

The Fire Lotus at Libertine

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The Fire Lotus by Reno Rox

The Fire Lotus by Reno Rox

Greeting you at the front door of Libertine Ball this year is the Fire Lotus sculpture by Reno Rox.

Just a few days left for discount tickets

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The ticket price for Libertine Ball: Latex and Lace Masquerade tickets goes up on August 1, so get your tickets and save a  chunk of change better spent on drinks at the Ball!

Don’t  forget that if you buy $350 in costumes at PASSIONAL Boutique between now and July 31, you get a FREE ticket. Otherwise, click “buy tickets” to buy your advance tickets at the discounted price!

Latex Nemesis announced as Libertine 2010 headliner!

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We are proud to announce a headlining performance by Latex Nemesis for this year’s Latex and Lace Masquerade.

Rubber, blacklights and bondage, O my!

Nemesis puts the mask back into masquerade

If you think the vac-bed is cool (which you can try at the ball), wait til you see "cubism" by Nemesis at Libertine Ball

Masked mayhem will ensue during Nemi's Cubism performance.