Saturday July 21- Libertine Ball 2012: Intergalactic Asylum! NEW VENUE

The weekend Climax: Dress up, dance, drink, eat, play and have a Ball!

Libertine Ball 2012: Interalactic Asylum -CHANGE OF VENUE
Due to the unforseen circumstances, Libertine Ball will launch at 9PM sharp our new venue, The Starlight Ballroom (also known as Club Polaris) at 460 N. 9th St.

Enjoy many moods and spaces throughout the club: From the Stargate of Restraint on Planet Pandemonium to the fiery Planet Pyro, the lubricated or the kindler, gentler Cuddle Planet or Planet Pamporium!

Stopless dance music from Mike Saga and Mike Mythix

Art & Ambiance created by Delaware’s Asylum 13, bodypainter Eric Amiorillo & more-

Extra-Terrestrail Dominatrix Auction hosted by The Duchess

Intergalactic Attractions featuring fashion shows by PASSIONAL, Babylove’s Latex  Collective Chaos (MC’d by Zonk) include alien sex faeries, futuristic fashion and suspension in space!

Celebrity guests including your favorite Domina’s, titleholders & more

Space-Age Shopping with vendors, portrait photography and more!

Planet Pandemonium:  Dungeon playspace hosted by the Aviary

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