Sunday July 22- Evolving Species Brunch with Lady Dahlia Black

Photography: Marcos Adrian Villas NYC

About Your Hostess: Living “The Scene” for over 20 years, The Lady Dahlia Black offers multi-faceted perspectives on the commercial and lifestyle fetish world. From Her start in novelty toys and sex shops to BDSM dungeons, early fetish art porn with Midori in San Francisco (via Stephen Parr Productions) and in Brooklyn with Rick Savage Productions…..this Dahl has nearly done it all! She is now back in Philadelphia and looking forward to sharing the Libertine Ball Brunch with you! 

Lady Dahlia Back wraps up a weekend of wonder, with one final opportunity to prance around in your pervwear  in public! 2pm-4pm enjoy champagne and delicious food for a final round of photo ops and friendship to take back to your planet of origin!

We need to let our  restaurant know how many guests will join our farewell brunch party, so please RSVP for this final farewell (until Diabolique Ball anyway) by filling out the form below or by signing up at the ticket desk of Libertine Ball.
We will email and text you the address and a link to the restaurant menu.

3 Responses to “Sunday July 22- Evolving Species Brunch with Lady Dahlia Black”

  1. emily greenley Says:

    more details?

    • Lady Dahlia Black will be hosting the Sunday brunch at 2nd and South Streets. There will be a reservation sheet at the Entrance/Exit of the Ball where you can sign up with your name and phone number so we can make the correct reservation for Sunday!

      • Or you can save yourself the trouble of remeembering to fill out paperwork the night of the ball, and fill out the handy RSVP form above!

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