LAST DAYS for discount tickets!

Get your tickets in advance!

The final discount ticket rate only lasts until 11:59 PM August 11, so why not buy a bunch of Ball tickets and save yourself big bucks to spend at the Ball or on an outfit! Save time in line, get a FREE ticket with a purchase of $300 or more from PASSIONAL

Surf on over to Libertine Ball with advance discount tickets thru June 30.

This year’s party theme is Fetish Beach Party with playspaces, dancefloors and the “beach” open to those age 18+ plus plenty of bars on each floor for the over 21 crowd.  Get your tickets now by clicking the “buy tickets” link. Note: Tickets for persons aged 18-21 cost $5 extra due to club charge for security.

We have a ton of amazing entertainment in store, so get your tix while the getting is good and swing on over to the craziest, kinkiest “beach party” ever!

3 Responses to “LAST DAYS for discount tickets!”

  1. We’ve been going to both the Dracula’s Ball and the Libertine Ball for years now and I can say that the appeal of the Libertine has always been its more open, adult atmosphere and no corralling at the bar for the adults who want to have alcohol (although we love both events).
    I can only imagine that the decision to make the Libertine 18+ this year was to get more attendees there. However, I’m afraid that the change is going to be at the expense of the overall experience and of the comfort level of some of the usual participants. Not sure if we will be going now…

  2. The decision to include adults aged 18-20 in the Libertine Ball experience is due to the large number of volunteers and bdsm TNG folks who cannot attend play parties in nightclubs normally. Due to the huge response at parties like The Aviary where college aged young adults actively participate and play, and also to reward the hard work that our volunteers in this age range years past have contributed to the Ball without the opportunity to participate, we deternined to spend the extra money and effort to officially include young adults this year.

    We are not promoting at college frat parties, or turning this into an all-ages dance party. There will be full bars on each floor for those over 21 and we believe that the minor inconvenience of having to consume beverages in the over 21 areas is a small price to pay in order to bring fresh blood (and fresh meat!) into the event.

    We also believe that providing non-alcoholic beverages in the play areas will benefit guests of all ages, because alcohol consumption can dehydrate the body. While most people try to pace themselves, our medics have treated guests for dehydration in the outdoor (not air-conditioned) area.Enjoy the lemonade on the beach and the tropical punch on the main dancefloor!

    We encourage you to come this year and meet, mingle and play with the new generation of fetishist, and if we fail to provide a stellar experience for you, provide feedback and we will refund your money and take your suggestions into consideration for next year.

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