Beach bum invasion? Know the dress code!

Dress Code Enforcement:

We’ve been fielding a bunch of calls and questions about the Libertine Ball Dress Code. It seems that because of this year’s Beach theme, some folks are concerned that the local yacht club might crash the party.

Rest assured,  Libertine Ball is a fetish beach party, and unless guests come dressed to thrill, they will be stripped (bodypainting services and sarongs are offered by some of the 2011 Libertine Vendors).

Here is a simple table of Do’s vs. Don’ts!

Fetish clothing (leather, latex, vinyl, spandex, lace, leather, fishnet etc) T-shirts, jeans, sneakers, business suits
Gothic clothing (period garb, poet shirts) Sneakers, T-Shirts
Swimwear (male bikinis or female swimwear on any gender WITHOUT shirts) Outerwear (above) outside of pool area except a robe
Sarongs (without shirts) Hawaiian shirts unless worn with fetish pants/shorts of leather, latex, vinyl
Mesh clothing with additional genital coverage Sneakers
Fully costumed drag (men dressed as women in any character or women dressed as men ie. w/ facial hair) Women in male business suits or men in women’s sweatsuits that are NOT FULLY COSTUMED DRAG
Formalwear (Tuxedos and Gowns) Business Suits (unless made of leather or latex), standard dresses (unless part of drag costume
Halloween costumes (characters with masks, wigs, makeup, etc) No sneakers, business suits cotton t-shirts or jeans with a mask
Casual fetish attire (spandex shorts, hotpants, etc) Cotton T-shirts. Period.

7 Responses to “Beach bum invasion? Know the dress code!”

  1. As honest feedback, I think other years were better. The beach theme was kind of lame. Hoping for a better one next year or in Nov.

    • If you could give us some specific feedback as to what you did and didn’t like about the event, it would probably help us to solve those problems so that you have a FANTASTIC time at Diabolique in November.

  2. NoNoNannette Says:

    How was Diabolique able to raise $10,000. and Libertine Ball only raise $400. ?

  3. Curious Says:

    Are saran wrap dresses permissible?

  4. NoNoNannette Says:

    I think overall the events are getting more disappointing. Specifics would include, it is getting more trendy and less fetish. Last year…. under age. Hooping? Flagging? The “Go-go” dancers always used to donate their tips to charity. They were there to HELP. Too many of us who used to go are no longer eager to attend these things anymore. These events used to be held for a good cause, local cause, now there are more people interested in getting paid for “performing”. Have one or two head liners that are world renowned and “famous” in the fetish scene and don’t cheapen the event by discounting the tickets or giving them away. Maybe then people with a bank account and a real fetish will start showing up again, if it’s not already too late.

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